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Two folk dance groups from the eastern part of the country called the ‘Achterhoek’ that pull up together with the aim to keep the Achterhoek region folklore alive. De Vier Winden goes dressed in the day farmers clothes of about 1850 and the Klepperklumpkes wears the sunday farmers clothes from around 1900. And the blank sanded wooden shoes are a must-have. Since 2011 the two groups practice together, celebrate together and perform together as one group and with success.

Both groups provide performances in the Netherlands and far beyond. They dance at festivals, nursing homes, schools, markets and street fairs, at visit of foreign delegations and at events or for a special as a country wedding. They involve in their presentation, making a clog on the old fashioned way and preparing food according to the farmer's kitchen where tasty snacks are prepared for the public. The dances consist of approximately 35 old, Twente and Achterhoek dances. The dance groups are accompanied by musicians with their diatonic button accordion. The most famous dances are the Driekusman, Pot with beans, the cuckoo waltz and the Hôksebarger. And the public is often invited to join in the dancing.

Aalten and Lichtenvoorde neighbouring municipalities located in the green of the Achterhoek against the German border. Both municipalities also include the villages, Lievelde, Zieuwent, Vragender, Harreveld, Lintelo, IJzerlo and the pearl Bredevoort. Rural communities with a strong connection with nature but also an industry of high level. From this region attracted many farmers in the middle of the 19th and early 20th centuries to America, South Africa and Australia  to build a new life.

View our website view the photo book and contact us if interested. Smarten up your event we will be happy to come.

A special event is a workshop Clog dance in traditional Dutch clothes. See for photo's the page workshop klompendans. It is hilarical.
committee dance group.



Jan Busch,  Chairman
Bartokstraat 9
7132 AD Lichtenvoorde.
tel. 0544-374727.


Annie  Hoefman, Treasurer 

Prisenstraat   1 - M     7121 AE Aalten
tel: 0031 (0)543-474969









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